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Concepts 4
Staring at the ceiling. It's not really blank- there's this texture on it, like uneven dots, or maybe white sand. This is just a side effect of plaster of Paris, or whatever it's called. If you look close enough, you can even see dirt and yellow smudges up there. Just how they got there is beyond me.
Staring at the fridge. What magical, arctic wonders might it contain? Could there be some leftover pizza from last nights party? Maybe, if I'm lucky, some Dr Pepper?
Staring at my feet. Lift, set, lift, set. The socks, like the ceiling, aren't too clean- I can spot lint here and there, and the once-absolute white of the socks has since died, and is now pale, with a hint of gray to it. Lift, set, lift, set, stop.
Staring at my hand. The pale skin, so pale it's flushed red constantly. The nails, jagged from compulsive biting. The scabs around the nails, from when I bite the skin. The muscles tensing, right underneath the salt-colored flesh. The fingers wrapping around the fridge door.
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Next On Television: Live Birth
God is pregnant with television
Make way for the mental fission
Take a pill, get a face
Hold onto the cosmetic base
An exotic pageant for the winners
An erotic execution for the sinners
Grams of soma for this hollow life
Pounds of silicon for your plastic wife
We gave up thought for this,
A joy the taste of piss?
We gave up love for you,
The greatest narcotics zoo?
We lost greatness for fame
And now it's all the same
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German Is A Race
"German is a race."
Oh, you picked the wrong fucker to accuse of racism, you little pompous shit.
Let me quickly explain this, to all of you that don't understand.
“Races” do not actually exist. There is not enough genetic, skeletal or other difference for there to exist separate races. We are all human; not Africans, Caucasians, Spaniards, and . . . Germans.
The races themselves are generally to be considered: Black, white, yellow, wetback. Sorry, couldn't resist. They're actually African, Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic.
These can be further split, and this is where ethnicities come in.
However, being from a specific country does NOT make you of a certain race. There exist white South Africans, there are black Brits, and by God, there are Hispanic Japanese.
I suppose one could argue the proper term would be nationalist- valuing one nation (country) over another.
But no, pegasusfreeze5867, that is NOT nationalism. Jokingly saying that your German gibberish involves a genocide
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The Gay Gene
A common point by the political Right when speaking in regards of homosexuality is that, because a gay gene is nonexistent, homosexuality is not natural, and is therefore composed exclusively through either choice or complex psychological conditioning throughout childhood.
So far, these right-wing nuts seem to be correct; the twin studies used to detect a genetic correlation show that homosexuality is not genetic.
This made me wonder whether or not heterosexuality is genetic. As also evidenced by these studies, some twins both ended up gay, some didn't, and some were purely hetero. If homosexuality is not genetic, then who says any sexuality is? The rise in self-proclaimed asexuals makes me believe that sexuality is almost certainly a combination of biological, psychological and social factors. For the latter, a simple explanation. Based on the way their society views certain things, the individual might be more inclined to believe or not believe something, in regards to their sexual o
:icondextear:Dextear 3 25
It seems that, every time I open my mouth, some overemoting pussy gets offended. Usually, this is without reason – it was not directed at them, but at a friend, or was specifically aimed at a belief they agreed with. These impersonal statements are sent through the Internet, of course- have you people no shame? The Internet is only as serious as you make it, and if a teeny, weeny insult brings a tear to your eye, you're hanging yourself up for the trolls.
Learn to be less butthurt, and apply your education. There is not a “line” that I cross with my beliefs or the way I present them. If you are offended, it's on you.
Your god is fair game. Your sexuality is fair game. Your family, if you so choose to bring them up, is fair game. The insults you use, if you so choose to use them, is fair game.
Everything you say, and everything you do, are completely open to everyone you speak to. If you do not like how the person reacts, then you might have just been hit by what I like t
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